Pasha Harulia in Vogue Portugal
Pasha Harulia in Vogue Portugal . Photo : Tatiana + Karol. Styling : Karla Gruszecka. Hair : Carol Douard. Makeup : Camille Sigur..[ ]
Edie Campbell for Chanel Beauty
Edie Campbell starring in the new Chanel Beauty campaign Photo : Carlijn Jacobs. Video : Nicolas Kantor. Style : Anastasia Bar..[ ]
Leon Dame for Arena Homme +
Leon Dame on the cover of Arena Homme + Photo : William Waterworth. Styling : Harry Lambert. Hair : Matt Mulhall. Makeup : Anne ..[ ]
Conie Vallese for Bottega Veneta
Conie Vallese for Bottega Veneta Prefall 2024 Creative Director : Matthieu Blazy. Photo : Louise & Maria Thornfeldt. Hair : Duffy...[ ]
Marte Mei for Another Magazine
Marte Mei van Haaster in Another Magazine. Photos : Marie Deteneuille. Stylist : Rebecca Perlmutar. Hair : Joseph Pujalte. Makeup..[ ]
Beauise Genç for Puss Puss Magazine
Beauise Genç on the cover of Puss Puss Magazine. Photos : Pablo Saez. Styling : Alicia Padron. Hair : Melissa Rouille. Makeup : ..[ ]
Louis Vuitton Campaign
Sara Blomqvist & Jeremy Young for Louis Vuitton's Mother's Day campaign. Video : Tyler Mitchell. Style : Elodie David. Hair : ..[ ]
Mila van Eeten for D Repubblica
Mila van Eeten on the cover of D Repubblica Photos : Carlijn Jacobs. Style : Katie Burnett. Hair : Olivier Schawalder. Makeup ..[ ]

Change Makers

Elia Taïeb
Born in Paris, Elia Taïeb is a French singer with Tunisian - Russian origins. She develops a strong passion for music starting in her early childhood. After literature studies, she starts to focus on singing - releasing her first EP titled Elia.
Natalia Vodianova
Born in Nizhny Novgorod, Natalia Vodianova was raised by a single mother. She grew up alongside two half-sisters, one of whom has cerebral palsy and severe autism. She has had to personally deal with the lack of support and the domestic difficulties..[]
Saskia de Brauw
Born in the Netherlands in 1981 and brought up in Amsterdam, Saskia de Brauw has an atypical journey having managed to combine so gracefully her art projects with her modelling career. She first modelled as a teenager in Germany and Belgium whilst..[]
Emily Ratajkowski
New York Times best-selling author Emily Ratajkowski has established herself as a multifaceted talent: entrepreneur, writer, actress, model and activist. Most recently, she added podcast host to her list of titles, launching an original series..[]
Aleksandra Orbeck Nilssen
Actress, director, activist and adventurer. The protection of wildlife is in the centre of Aleksandra Orbeck-Nilssen's life. Having fought against hunters and poachers, marched 1490 kilometers through Namibia, she worked hand in hand with indigenous..[]